Online Massage Therapy Schools

Granted, massage therapy is a “hands on” skill. This does not, however, prevent students from studying the discipline online as a step toward gaining certification. Good massage therapists learn a series of holistic principles that together form the foundation of an understanding of the human body and of manipulative techniques and ideologies used in both the Western and Eastern worlds.

Typically, students seeking massage certification should expect to take at least a portion of their course work on a physical campus. These workshop experiences will be interspersed with various physiology and even philosophy courses better suited to the online medium. Consequently, this combination of online and real-life classes give student greater flexibility to balance required class sessions with the other obligations of their lives such as work and family.

Many certificate granting institutions will offer their basic massage course online for a fee of anywhere from $1000 to $1500. Beyond this level, intermediate and advanced classes usually require physical attendance at an educational facility. These upper level classes are often targeted toward acquiring skills in a specific type of massage that necessitate instructor-guided assistance to achieve the correct technique and degree of pressure.

However, once a student is armed with a basic certificate, they have a powerful potential to either seek employment in a salon or spa or to begin to build an independent consultancy with a privately cultivated clientele. Regulations governing massage related businesses vary from state to state and an understanding of how to maintain your certification and to meet mandated standards of operation should be a part of any program you undertake.

Often times beginning massage professionals will put their basic degree to work with an eye toward returning to the classroom in the future to gain additional skill sets and certifications. There are many massage traditions, and specialization will often enhance an individual’s career.

Do not assume that a skill such as massage that requires the use of the hands cannot be learned, at least in part, via online resources. If you are intrigued by the professional potential of becoming a certified massage professional, we have provided links to more information we hope will be useful in your evaluation of this exciting opportunity.